Watching March Madness In Falls Church

March Madness is upon us and the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament begins on Thursday afternoon. If you are like me you have taken off Thursday and Friday from work so you can head down to the bar to watch the games. So where are you going to go? Here are some choices in Falls Church:

For The Die Hard Sports Crowd - Your #1 MMHQ

There is basically only one place where you can see all the games at the same time without the assistance of a laptop or iPad.

Dogwood Tavern - Lots of Tvs

The main long bar area at Dogwood has a large TV in the middle and then about 5 more smaller (32 inch ish) TVs. You can see most of them from any bar seat, so it shouldn't be any problem to watch 4 games at the same time. Even in the dining room there are 8 TVs strewn about with two large screens on opposite walls. Again, you can probably see 4 games at once.

Dogwood has $3 Abita Mardi Gras Bock, $3 Rail Drinks, $2.50 Miller Lites, $5 House Wine from 3pm-7pm Thursday & Friday. (more info)


For The Skipping Work Weekday Crowd

If you are skipping work and you don't mind watching just one game (or have a lap top) you can get some good lunch specials. At least stop by during the first halves before any games get too close.

Pizzeria Orso - 1 TV

You can get an awesome individual sized gourmet neapolitan two topping pizza and a coke/iced tea for $8. The TV they have at the bar section is pretty good size, but they just have 1. There is one in the dining room too. (more info)

Mad Fox Brewing - 1.5 Tvs

Mad Fox has two semi large (32 inch ish) TVs but they are so far apart you can basically only see one at a time. But again, if you don't mind watching one game, and you are part of their email list, you can do Buy One Get One Free sandwiches, burgers, entrees, pizzas. (more info)

Clare & Don's Beach Shack 2.5 Tvs

The Shack's bar has two small (32 inch ish) TVs that are both visible from the center of the bar and another TV you can see behind you if you turn your head. The food special is Haddock fish tacos with a soda, and unfortunately I don't know the price, but it is most likely a good deal.


For The Weekday Just Got Off Work & Need A Drink Crowd

Want to hang out with the happy hour crowd, pay slight attention to the games, and get a few drinks, head to one of these great happy hours. Tvs are # visible from the bar area.

Applebees - 2.5 Tvs

Applebees has "all day" happy hour, aka regular prices, but they are semi cheap. I'm too lazy to type them but you can read about them. (more info)

Clare & Dons - 2.5 Tvs

The Beach Shack has $2.50 Miller Lite, $4 House Margaritas, $1 off Rail Drinks, and select half price appetizers Thurs & Fri from 4pm-7pm. (more info)

Mad Fox Brewing - 1.5 Tvs

Mad Fox offers $2 off beers (most come to $4) every day from 3pm-7pm. On Thursday only, there will be a special additional happy hour from 7pm-9pm with 5 new barrel aged beers on draft for those prices. (more info)

Pizzeria Orso - 1 Tv

Orso has $1 Natty Boh cans, $3 Yuengling Bottles, $6-$6.50 20oz Craft Beer Drafts, and $5 House Wine from 4pm-7pm Thursday & Friday & some food specials. (more info)

Hoang's Grill & Sushi Bar - 1 TV

Really small bar. Hoang's features $2.75 craft beer drafts, cheap tapas, & $1.25 Sushi. Everyday from 4pm-7pm. (more info)

Famous Dave's - 1 TV

Even smaller bar. Famous Daves has $3.50 craft beer drafts, $2.50 domestic drafts, $3 House Wine, $5 margaritas, a few cheap small appetizer snacks Mon-Fri 3pm-7pm. (more info)

Argias - 0.5 Tvs

Argias has a decent happy hour but the 1 TV they have is in a weird spot far from the bar and above the kitchen. I doubt they will have basketball. However I have to mention this spot because you can grab a $3 shot of Fireball (All Day Every Day) if you need a between game quick pick me up. (more info)


For The Saturday Drinkers

March Madness doesn't stop when the weekend hits. There

Mad Fox Brewing Company - 1.5 Tvs

Mad Fox has their Happy Hour available Every Day. (see above for specials)

Hoang's Sushi - 1 Tv

Hoang's has a really small bar but the Happy Hour is also every day (see above for specials)


For The Non Sports Fans

If you are sick of everyone at work talking about filling out brackets and watching college basketball all day, you probably don't even want a single TV. Well you are in luck.

Spacebar - 0 Tvs

Spacebar has a TV. However, they only play old movies on it. You can enjoy the largest and most unique craft beer draft selection, awesome grilled cheese sandwiches, and no sports whatsoever. Spacebar opens at 5pm.


For The Good Weather (Maybe)

The weather is supposed to be nice on Friday and REALLY nice on Saturday. Unfortunately I just moved to the area this winter and I'm not sure what all the outdoor patios are like. I did notice one bar has their patio open already and with a few TVs for outside viewing.

Ireland's 4 Provinces?

4 P's already opened their outdoor area (although there is a big white tent there now) and there are a few TVs behind the outdoor bar. However I'm not sure if this is just for smokers or if you can get your beer in a plastic cup and take it outside. Will the TVs even be on?


Wow, thats a lot of specials and not a lot of TVs.

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