St. Patrick's Day At Dogwood Tavern

Contrary to popular belief, St. Patrick's day did not take place on Saturday. It is in fact happening right now. While the snow has caused many people to be off from work, many of those people (like me) are still recovering from a crazy Saturday (and Sunday) day/night. So if you are looking for something to do on the REAL St. Patrick's Day, Dogwood Tavern has the following going on later today/tonight:

Drink specials will be available, although they aren't really very special or cheap. Because people seem to love it, despite it being super gross and tainting the taste of the beer, Dogwood will be offering green beer (probs Miller Lite) for $4.50 per draft. Guinness cans will also be available for 6 bucks.

Official Flyer Via Dogwood Tavern

Dogwood is featuring a special Irish menu with items such as a reuben sandwich, reuben spring rolls, corned beef & cabbage, shepherd's pie, and a Guinness stew.  If you are feeling like maybe calling in sick on Tuesday, you can get shots of Jamison for $6.50 and Irish Car Bombs for $9.

This is probably the only bar in the area where the bartenders are actually bartenders. They aren't just trained to put Aristocrat vodka in a glass with some soda. For St. Patty's day they will be mixing a few Tullamore Dew Irish Whisky signature drinks from $7-$8 with names like the Blarney Stone, the Copywriter, and the Buena Vista Irish Coffee.

And of course there will also be live music starting around 6pm and going all night. Two bands will take the stage, Flannel Underground and La Unica.

So if you have what it takes to be a champion, head back out to the bars on this great snow day!

Note: Your other option which started at 8am is Ireland's 4 Provinces across the street. I'd recommend if you are going to Dogwood, stop in there first. Same kind of event with a more authentic Irish feel. Specifically the music.


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