Restaurant Week Pizza, The Rankings

Falls Church Restaurant week is taking place right now thanks to the Falls Church News Press (see all the deals here). This weeklong lunch & dinner event features specials from almost every establishment in the city of Falls Church. Today we take a look at my favorite food item. PIZZA!!! Keep in mind, the taste of the pizza is not involved in the rankings, just the overall value.

1. Z Pizza
Buy One Get One Free All Pies

Z Pizza has almost 20 different specialty pizzas to choose from that run up to $23 for an XL 18". However, this special is buy one get one free of equal or lesser value, so you can go in about 1 million directions with this. You can pick two specialty pizzas, you can customize pizzas, you can do whatever you want.

2. Flippin Pizza
One 18" Specialty Pizza, Family Salad, Slice Of Cake - $24

Flippin Pizza is thin crust, New York Style pizza. It is probably the closest to authentic New York pizza you will find in the area. While they are known for their Pizza By The Slice, they are also popular for family meals at home. They have several great specialty pizzas ($19 value), the Brooklyn (meatball/mushroom/garlic) being my favorite. For their Restaurant Week special you pick your XL 18" specialty pie and it comes with a family sized salad ($9 value) and a piece of cheesecake ($3 value). Tha means you are saving about $7 this week.

Note: You can also opt to get a plain cheese instead of a specialty and the price cuts to $20.

3. Pizzeria Orso Pizza Lunch (open-2:30pm)

One pizza, One appetizer, One Soda - $12

It's no secret that this is my favorite pizza in Falls Church. The down side is that it is an individual pie, so if you have a family or group, which is where most pizzas make there mark, it may not be your best option. This deal is also for lunch only, which really hurts the ranking.

4. Mad Fox Dinner (open-3pm)

Large Pizza w/ Appetizer & Dessert - $25

Mad Fox has 11 different specialty dinner pizzas on the menu ranging from $19-$23. The large size is 14 inches which is basically my individual size, but I guess you can share. The appetizer and dessert make this meal and can end up saving you over $10.

5. Pie-Tanza
One Salad, One Pizza, One Dessert, 2 Sodas - $20

Pie Tanza's special is labeled dinner for 2, but with the size of the portions that they give you it is more like dinner for 1. At least for me. The pizzas at Pie-Tanza are very saucy 12" individual pies. There are 13 specialty pies to choose from. The pizza is good, but it is not really sharable. The value based on regular price is good ($9 savings), but the prices in the first place are high.

6. Mad Fox Lunch For 2 (open-3pm)

Two Pizzas and an Appetizer - $20

The pizzas at lunch are 8" and a pretty decent size for a person, but not as big as Orso or Pie-Tanza. It comes with a nubby salad. The good part about this deal is the appetizer, which is basically free when you look at the overall value. This deal ends when lunch does, so is more a work-lunch deal and not a family deal.

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