Pizzeria Orso Adds Mother Earth's Dark Cloud Dunkel To Tap Lineup

Pizzeria Orso has a new beer on tap as of this past weekend; North Carolina's Mother Earth Brewing Company Dark Cloud Munich Style Dunkel. This tap replaces the La Fin Du Monde, a Belgian Tripel beer from Quebec. The Beer Advocate experts rate the Dark Cloud a 94. Here's some more about the beer.


Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale

Brewery: Mother Earth Brewing Company
Location: Kinston, NC
Distance From FC: 300 Miles
Style: Munich Dunkel
ABV: 5.1%
Beer Advocate Score: 87
Beer Advocate Pro Score: 94
Rate Beer Score: 81
Rate Beer Style Score: 98Legend's Score: N/A

From The Brewer:
Steeped in a long history dating back hundreds of years, this "old-fashioned" beer is again in vogue. Lager is the German word meaning "to store," so this beer ages three times longer than our ales do. "Dunkel" means dark in German, but don't let the color fool you, it is by no means heavy, overbearing or bitter. In fact, it proves to be a very drinkable session beer.


The Monde was available in a 9oz serving size only due to it's high alcohol content. The Dark Cloud however is just 5.1% and it will most likely be available in the 12oz or 20oz glasses currently offered for the other beers on tap (Lost Rhino Face Plant IPA, Blue Mountain Kolsch 151, Devil's Backbone Vienna Lager).

The other local brews are available for between $5-$6 (12oz) and $8-$8.50 (20oz). So look at paying similar pricing for this domestic craft selection.

We'll do a full look into this beer later, just letting you know its now here!

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