Pilin Thai Lunch Specials

We do a lot of talking about beer here and some people wonder if we ever eat food. Well on occasion we do add some solid items to our liquid diet, and we have some lunch in the Little City. I went into Pilin Thai restaurant on Broad Street, and tried one of their lunch specials.

Pilin Thai constantly has a large number of lunch specials. If you walk by you will see their chalkboard out on the sidewalk inviting you inside for some food. However, according to Yelpers, they switch up these items so that the next time you show up, the last lunch special you got might be gone by the wayside.

There were about 10 different options when I went, ranging from $7-$9 which is a typical lunch special price for Falls Church.  The variety was expansive and they had something for everyone, including me, a guy who doesn't really eat at places like this. All the meals come with a wonton soup (or fried wonton) and white rice.

I went with beef sautéed in green beans with some chili-pepper sauce. It was SPICY! I guess that is what those two peppers on the menu meant.  The food was good, and the sauce for the beef was realllly good with the green beans.

Since my food was so spicy, I was taking down a lot of liquid coolness. I ordered a coke and a water and by the time my meal was done I went through 3 of each. Every time I finished a coke, the waitress would ask if I wanted another. I kept agreeing.

Then, when the bill came, I was charged for 3 cokes. That is $4.50 I paid for Coke...WHAT!!?? And here is the thing. The Coke was a 10oz glass (I think) that was half filled with ice. Its not like I was even getting a cans-worth. Beware.

I am not very good with spicy food, so my entire meal was a battle. I sort of like that, but was really sweating. The food was good, but the last bites (I think because it was green beans in the sauce) was really good. When I went home I couldn't stop thinking about it. I want more. I was surprised, but I think I'm going to go back (and not get a coke).

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