Little City Legend Quest Update

I started this website exactly 2 months ago having only been to Falls Church maybe once or twice in my life. My goal with this site was to do everything that Falls Church City had to offer and to know this little city inside and out. I was going to become a legend.

Well its been 2 months and I think I'm well on my way. Here's what has happened since I started my site.


I've had a lot of crazy bar crawl adventures. Here's all the craziness.


I have been to 27 different places to get beer or food in 2 months, with over 100 total visits:
  • 15x - Dogwood Tavern
  • 10x - Pizzeria Orso, Flippin Pizza, Mad Fox Brewing Company 
  • 08x - Clare & Dons
  • 06x - Ireland's 4 Provinces
  • 05x - Argia's, Mike's Deli, Spacebar, Farmer's Market
  • 04x - Chasin' Tails, Hoang's Sushi
  • 02x - Famous Daves, Smashburger, Maneki Neko, Red White & Bleu, Elevation Burger
  • 01x - Chipotle, Koi Koi Sushi, Bowl America, Blanca's Restaurant, Pilin Thai, Panera Bread, Applebees, Meat In A Box, Caribbean Plate, 
*Red Bolded places are where I'm mayor on 4square

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This is my favorite. In the past 2 months I've had 64 different beers not to mention about 20 repeats. Some other stats:

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There are lots of great specials at all the bars and restaurants in Falls Church. I haven't done them all, but here's what I did do.


Wow...that was a lot of stuff jam packed into just two months. And there is so much left that I have yet to experience. Thanks to everyone who is following on Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Instagram, Untappd, and wherever else I pop up at. The quest continues...

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