Koi Koi Sushi Lunch Specials

We do a lot of talking about beer here and some people wonder if we ever eat food. Well on occasion we do add some solid items to our liquid diet, and we have some lunch in the Little City. I went over to Koi Koi Sushi & Roll on Broad Street and checked out their lunch sushi specials.

The lunch specials are not the cheapest, but according to several readers, this is the top place for sushi for miles around. Expect to spend around $15 when you sit down for lunch.

At lunch you can choose from different basic sushi combos, with nigiri pieces, sashimi, and california rolls. If you aren't feeling the classics they also have specials on U-Don, tempura, beef/chicken, and donburi. There are also some appetizers and salads on the lunch menu as well. I went with the Sashimi combo which included 8 pieces of sashimi.

As soon as you sit down at Koi Koi they bring you a bowl of Edamame. I had some issues with this. Like. What in the hell is Edamame.

 When I looked around and saw the second empty bowl that was sitting next to it, I was given the impression that there was some discarding needed when eating these. I actually Googled "what are green things sushi" and "how to eat edamame" to figure it out. LOL. When I eventually figured out what was going on, I downed the entire bowl in about 10 seconds. It was really good.

The lunch specials are also served with a very small salad with ginger dressing and a miso soup. Its not much food, but it keeps you busy while they prepare your food.

My Sashimi plate came with three large thick chunks of salmon, three tuna, and two white tuna (I think). I like it when it is cut thinner, but these large pieces were much more filling than I thought before I saw them. The cucumber garnish tasted really good with the sushi too. The wassabi however, was super weak. I basically put the whole scoop in my mouth and didn't feel any spice...and I think mild wings are spicy.

The meal was very good, but ran me $18 after tax and tip. That is why you will typically not find me at a sushi place unless it is $1 sushi night. However, I wouldn't mind getting my family to take me here and front the bill because it was an enjoyable experience.

I just had a water to drink, but in terms of beer you can get domestics (coors light, bud light, miller lite) for $4, and imports for $5.25 (corona, heineken). You can also get Japanese selections, Kirin Ichiban & Ichiban Light ($5.00), Asahi ($5.50), and 22oz Sapporo cans ($8.50).

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