Ireland's Four Provinces Half Price Burger Nights

Ireland's Four Provinces holds a special half price burger night 2 days a week, and it is a big hit with the local crowd. I was surprised how crowded the bar was on a Monday night at 10pm, but the entire bar section was full and everyone was snacking on these burgers. I ordered one myself and now I see why.

The special is on Monday nights (after 5pm) and Saturday afternoons (before 5pm) you get a burger with whatever toppings you want and fries for half the price (dine-in only). Here's how the deal works out.

The traditional burger at 4 P's is a 1/2 pound burger, not too thick, on a nice slightly toasted bun. A simple and classic burger. It comes with a decent amount of thick cut french fries, a tiny cup of cole slaw, and a pickle, a tomato slice, and some shredded lettuce on the side. That plain burger will run you $9 during normal hours and $4.50 during the special hours making it a good deal to start with.

But don't fret. You don't have to order the plain burger. You can choose your toppings for 50 cents each ($1 regular price). The toppings include cheese (different choices), American bacon, Irish bacon, grilled mushrooms, red onion (this is extra, really?), sautéed onions, and onion crisps.

If you are like me, you will probably pick at least 3 toppings (I did bacon, mushrooms, and swiss), ending up with a decent burger & fries combo for just $6.60 after tax.

The drinks is where they get you (although you don't have to order one). I washed mine down with a Coke (which costs $3) but if you get there between 5pm & 7pm (on Monday only) you can take advantage of their Happy Hour drink specials as well. The HH isn't overwhelming ($1 off beer/wine/rails) but it will buy you 2 extra burger toppings.

Just to give you an idea, the craft IPA they have on tap (currently 3 Brothers Hoptimization) goes for $4.50 for a 16oz draft during Happy Hour, so not that great a deal.

I am actually not a huge fan of the thick hamburgers that are typically found at restaurants, but the toasted bun, the non soggy non potatoey thick fries, and the generous amount of toppings (see the photo) made this a very delicious and repeatable deal.

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