Elevation Burger

I was so caught up in my love for Smashburger that I never took the time to head one block away to Elevation Burger. It was a huge mistake. I finally made my way there and had one of their classic Elevation Burgers (duh) for lunch.

The Elevation Burger, in a Five Guys kind of way, features two hamburger patties on a bun for $5.50. The burger does not come with cheddar cheese (that is 60 cents extra per slice) and they have a limited number of free toppings to choose from. While there are two patties (organic if you care), the burger is not too hard to fit into your mouth. If you aren't feeling the 2x, you can get the "Kids Burger" which is just one patty ($4.00).

The way the burger was meant to be eaten means elevation sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles. The other free toppings include ketchup, balsamic mustard, hot pepper relish, elevation sauce, raw onions, caramelized onions, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, and jalapeƱos. For 60 cents you can add mushrooms or blue cheese, and for $1.20 you can add bacon.

Other menu items include two types of veggie burgers, and possibly sometime soon, chicken sandwiches. You can also mix and match your two patties, or stack them up to 10x high (if you are crazy). There is even a grilled cheese on the menu and an elevation salad.

For some extra dough you can add fries or a salad ($2.75), a cup of oranges ($1.90),  a giant chocolate chip oatmeal pecan cookie ($1.60), or 3 small cookies ($1)

The main free topping that really makes the burger is called the Elevation Sauce. This is sort of a big mac like sauce that is really tangy and really good. I got it on the side so I could sample it. I would also suggest asking for extra sauce on the side to dip your fries into if you get them.

I also walked away with a coffee and oreo milkshake which was very good, but not very large. You can get chocolate, vanilla, or chocolate, shake or malt, and add two mix ins (50 cents for each additional). They are oreo, chocolate syrup, bananas, strawberries, black cherry, key lime, blueberry, mango, cheesecake.

The burger was really good and not very expensive. Plus you get a punch card where when you get to 7 patties (or 4 regular burgers) you get a free patty. Basically buy 7 elevation burgers, get 1 free. I'll be back to get mine punched again very soon.

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