Dogwood Tavern Taco Night

Every Thursday night, Dogwood Tavern takes a step off their main menu and adds a special taco meal to go along with live music (at 10pm). This special item is available starting at 5pm and last all night long or until they run out. This deal also mixes well with happy hour (4pm-7pm) and the drink specials available during that time.. Here's some more info on the specifics of this special.

The meal is pretty simple. You choose between chicken or beef, and hard or soft (or mix) of shells/tortilla. The meal comes disassembled on a dinner plate and you piece the meat together with lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and (I think) tomatoes (I don't do tomatoes or sour cream).

You get a decent amount of meat, and you have 4 taco shells to stuff that and the toppings into. It is a bit of a pain to scoop your own meat into non flexible hard shells, so I'd suggest you get soft tacos.

This is less of a "food special" and more of a "special menu item". The tacos don't come cheap, $11 for the plate. However, they are really really good, so It is definitely worth trying it at least once.

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