Best Of Falls Church Restaurant Week: Dinner Specials.

Falls Church Restaurant week is taking place right now thanks to the Falls Church News Press (see all the deals here). This weeklong lunch & dinner event features specials from almost every establishment in the city of Falls Church. I took a look at each of the dinner options, and found two deals that are worth checking out.

1. Mad Fox Brewing Company (3pm - Close)

Large Pizza w/ Appetizer & Dessert - $25

Mad Fox has 11 different specialty dinner pizzas on the menu ranging from $19-$23. The large size is 14 inches which is basically my individual size, but I guess you can share. The appetizer list runs from $8-$12 and includes my two favorites, the pretzel, and the shishitso peppers. The desserts run from $3.50-$8.50 and while it is the cheapest, the best is the root beer float. As you can see, even the low end of this offer gives you a good deal and depending on the items you choose you are getting a very good discount.

2. Pilin Thai (5pm-close)

2 Person 3 Course Meal - $25

At Pilin Thai you can grab a date and enjoy a 3 course thai meal with an appetizer, entree, and dessert. It is great because you each get to pick an appetizer, choosing from wonton soup, mussels, spring rolls, veggie rolls, or dumplings. Then you each pick an entree from a pretty large selection of items ranging from mild to very spicy. Finally, you get 2 desserts as well. You can pick from mango & rice, or thai custard. This deal is also available for 1, for $15 too.

3. Applebees (all day)

Any Burger with a Soda - $8.50

All of Applebees specialty freshburgers are priced at $10 so you get to try them for cheaper and get a free coke to wash it down. How Applebees made one of my lists is beyond me, but the burgers they have do look delicious.

Runner Up: Argias 3 course dinner for $22.

There are some better deals for lunch (see here)


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