Best Of Falls Church Restaurant Week: Top 4 Lunch Specials

Falls Church Restaurant week is taking place right now thanks to the Falls Church News Press (see all the deals here). This weeklong lunch & dinner event features specials from almost every establishment in the city of Falls Church. I took a look at each of these deals, and rated the value of them based on the estimated regular price of these choices.

1. Pizzeria Orso Pizza Lunch (open-2:30pm)

One pizza, One appetizer, One Soda - $12

The specialty pizzas alone are all over $12 and the appetizers are all over $6. That means you are basically getting an amazing deal if you get the cheapest option. If you end up going bigger for pizza and appetizer, you are saving some major scrilla. This deal is too insane to pass up, especially if you haven't been to Orso before. I may go here everyday this week.

2. Mad Fox Lunch For 2 (open-3pm)

Two Sandwiches or Pizzas & Appetizer - $20

The pizzas at lunch are 8" and a pretty decent size for a person. They typically run from $9-$10. The sandwiches are regularly over $10 so you increase your value there. That means you are basically getting an appetizer ($8-$12) for free, and you can even save a buck or two. So grab a friend, or do what I do, eat two meals by yourself.

3. Argia's Two Course Lunch (open-???)

Pasta Dish w/ A Salad - $13

This special starts you off with their Insalada Mista which is a mixed green salad with grape tomatoes and almonds. You then pick between three pasta entrees: Spaghetti & Meatballs, Penne Bolognese, or Salmon Pomodoro. The salad is usually $8 and the entree is at least $13, so you are again saving a few bucks. (3 course dinner also available)

4. Applebees (all day)

Any Burger with a Soda - $8.50

All of Applebees specialty freshburgers are priced at $10 so you get to try them for cheaper and get a free coke to wash it down. How Applebees made one of my lists is beyond me, but the burgers they have do look delicious.

Runner up: Moby Dick ($20) Hummus plus 4 different kabobs over rice.

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