Trivia Night, Wings, And A Great Ending

One of my favorite things to do is play trivia. I've played all over the DMV from PJ Skiddoos to Fados, to the handheld trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3s). I can't get enough. So I went to Clare & Dons on Wednesday night for their Trivia contest (read about it here) and ended up walking home with a little bit more than I showed up with.

Unfortunately due to work related events, my trivia partner / Valentines date (read here) could not make it. But I was already at the bar so I decided to take on the competition all by my lonesome.

It started out great as I had a perfect score after the first set of questions. But after that it kind of went downhill. Luckily for me the trivia girl is bad at math, and I earned a bonus point or two because of it.

I was having some fun watching the Wizards on the TV, talking NBA with the bartender, and getting my fix of trivia questions. Enjoying life drinking a $10 pitcher of Fat Tire and munching on my 50 cent wings.

The wings at Clare & Don's are currently my #1 seed when it comes to wings in the area. Not just Falls Church, but everywhere in the DMV. Thats mostly because they grill them up, which is awesome. Last time I went with the Teryiaki, and this time I went with the Spicy Mango. It came with some sweet (mango-ey) dipping sauce and a bunch of tiny celery. Delicious.

Back at the trivia game I was not doing so hot. By the time the final question rolled around I had dropped all the way to last place. If the leading teams bet 0 (you can bet 0-15 points) there was no mathematical chance I could win. I guess not cheating on my cell phone like the other teams (allegedly) was not paying off.

I basically had no shot of winning, so I bet the max amount. Who cares if you lose by a lot. If you lose you lose. I play to win! Plus the category was movies. I'm an expert at that category.

So finally the Trivia lady read the final question:

Name the movie from this quote "I am big, it's the pictures that got small!"

Before the lady could even finish the sentence I screamed "Woo-hoo!" and strutted towards the front to turn in my 15 point correct answer. I made somewhat of a ruckus as I walked to the front so that everyone would take notice about how smart I was for being a young man who knew movie quotes from black and white movies from 1950.

The girls next to me (with a higher score) begged me to tell them the answer. No chance! I knew they wouldn't get it, so I gave them a few hints. Still no clue. Right before time was up, I gave them a huge hint. I told them the first word of the 2 word answer "Sunset"...they still couldn't get it. Too bad for them.

When time ran out the lady read the answer and to my surprise looking around the bar at reactions it appeared that nobody knew the answer. Now I was grasping, and thinking I might finish high. I still didn't think I would win (I was getting crushed) but as the scores were being announced (last place to first) my team name was not being announced.

Finally it was down to the last two teams...and I was one of them.  Come on...come on...big whammie...

And the winner is ... Some other team


I had finished in 2nd place. I was disappointed to make it so close and not walk away with anything, but to my surprise they actually had a prize for 2nd place. It was a $20 gift certificate. Score!

Now next time I'm in there I'll be munching on some trivia-victory supplied food.

Oh and by the way...the answer to the question...Sunrise Boulevard (1950).  And yes I have it on DVD:

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