Terrapin Beer Company Rye Pale Ale

Terrapin Beer Company is a growing and spreading microbrewery from Athens (UGA) Georgia. Their cool turtle guy is popping up all over the DMV and their Rye Pale Ale is now available in Falls Church. Here's where you can get it and for how much.


Terrapin Rye Pale Ale

Brewery: Terrapin Beer Company
Location: Athens, GA
Distance From FC: 600 Miles
Style: American Pale Ale
Other That Style: Sierra Nevada
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 35
Beer Advocate Score: 86
Beer Advocate Pro Score: 82
Rate Beer Score: 91
Legend's Score: 3/5
Brewer's Description: By using an exact amount of rye, a grain seldom found in other micro brewed beers, the Rye Pale Ale acquires its signature taste. Made with five varieties of hops and a generous amount of specialty malts, it offers a complex flavor and aroma that is both aggressive and well balanced – a rare find among beers. (via Terrapin)


This is one of my new favorite microbreweries. I've already had three different beers from them at different places from Reston to DC and now in Falls Church. The coolest part about this company is their turtle mascot guy who makes up all their awesome bottle art. Their Hopsecutioner IPA is where it is at, but the Rye isn't bad either.

If you want to enjoy some Terrapin beer at home, Red White & Bleu has several different bottles that you can get in mix and match 6 packs.

Where to get it in Falls Church:

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