Spacebar Beer In A Mason Jar To Go

A few weeks ago I was checking out the menu of Spacebar, a hipstery hangout in Falls Church City. This place is known for it's delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and it's amazing selection of craft beers on tap (24 taps). The bar has started a new "thing" where they offer all of their draft beers in 16oz Mason Jars sealed up for you to take and enjoy at home. Here's how it works:

You go into the bar. You order your favorite beer. And you stipulate that you would like to drink this beer in the comfort of your own home. The bartender then fills up a mason jar with your beer of choice, and then seals it by putting a bunch of masking tape on it (lol). They tape the label to the top of the jar, write the beer on the label, and give it to you for the price of the draft beer (plus $1 jar deposit).

It isn't the cheapest way to enjoy a single beer (my choice was $12) but if there is a beer you really like (like the one I got) you can get a fresh draft and drink it like a moonshiner on your back patio (or in front of your TV while watching Dawn of the Dead).

The beer I chose is one of my favorites, a limited release IPA (9.4%) by Stone Brewing Company. Each batch of this double IPA has a date attached to it, so you can "Enjoy By" that specific date and know that you are drinking fresh and delicious beer. This edition is Enjoy By February 14th, 2014.  It is pretty interesting, they even have a countdown to "expiration" on their Web Site.

Overall this is a pricey option, but it is an interesting idea. Unfortunately this is the only way to get the beer to go as they do not have growlers. I'm not sure I'd do it again soon, as I'm more inclined to drink say 6 beers instead of 1, but it was a fun time and after a few at Spacebar I may be more open minded to take one home.

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