Samuel Adams Cold Snap Spring Seasonal

The latest Sam Adams seasonal beer is their white witbier the Cold Snap. Don't be fooled by the name, this is not a winter selection. It is their break out of winter and into spring brew.  Here's what's up with this beer and where you can get it in the area:


Samuel Adams Cold Snap

Brewery: Boston Beer Company
Location: Boston, MA
Distance From FC: 450 Miles
Style: Belgian Witbier
Other That Style: Blue Moon, Shock Top
ABV: 5.3%
IBU: 7
Beer Advocate Score: 79
Beer Advocate Pro Score: 80
Rate Beer Score: 47
Rate Beer Style Score: 60
Legend's Score: 2.5/5
Brewer's Description: Stirring from the haze of winter, this refreshing unfiltered White Ale awakens its smooth wheat with the bright snap of spring spices.  From the subtle sweetness of orange peel and plum to the peppery bite of fresh ground coriander, the blend of spices creates just the right refreshing kick to signal that spring is on its way. (via Sam Adams)


I had this beer at Chasin' Tails in a giant 34oz mug. It is a beer in the style of Shock Top or Blue Moon, but has that Sam Adamsy taste. If you are a fan of Sam Adams and you like these springy white ales, then you will like the Cold Snap.

Where to get it in Falls Church:

  • Chasin' Tails
    • $7.00 Happy Hour 34oz Draft
    • $10.00 Regular Price 34oz Draft
    • $4.00 Happy Hour 16oz Draft
    • $5.00 Regular Price 16oz Draft

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