Red White And Bleu Beer And Wine Gourmet Shop

We've been spending a whole lot of time telling you where to get good craft beer around the local area. In fact, we've spent so much time that we forgot to tell you about where you can grab these same delicious beers so that you can take them home and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

The premier retail place in Falls Church to find the best craft beers (you can get draft beer to go at Spacebar) is a little gourmet wine shop on Lee Highway called Red, White & Bleu.

Because we know nothing about wine, we are going to focus on our favorite part of this store, the beer. The wine shop extends throughout the main room of the store and the beer section is located in a side room. It is fully stocked with not only all the local craft beer, but lots of microbreweries from across the country. There are also plenty of imports too (I think)

While they have plenty of 6 packs and cases, my favorite thing to do is to create a custom mix and match 6 pack (or 12 pack). They have hundreds of single serving bottles and cans. Just grab one of the empty 6 pack holders and fill up with 6 different beers you want to sample.

The selection is overwhelming (a good thing). They do not list what beers they have on their website, but they do make announcements on Facebook if they get anything new or exciting in stock.

I stood there for 10 minutes like an idiot before reaching out and grabbing my first selection. 20 more minutes later and I had 6 beers. I went with the DC Brau sampler (5 single beers from DC Brau) and threw in a random Terrapin brew to finish it off. I guess that was a success...but I wanted more. (That 6 pack cost $25 which is not cheap obviously, and there was no discount for getting 6 like they have at Total Wine).

My other experience at Red White and Bleu was when I stopped by on First Friday for a wine tasting (and made a fool out of myself). The shop has wine and beer tastings weekly, and they are all listed on the store's calendar.

The place is somewhat easy to miss. It is located only about 30 yards from the main intersection of Lee Highway (rt 29) and Broad Street (rt 7). It is a small little building with a brick facade connected to a bank. Parking is available in the back, but that is also easy to miss. I pulled in through the bank drive-thru, which works on a Sunday but wouldn't work on a weekday. You can also get in off broad street across from Applebees. Basically, look at a map and then pray.

Aside from beer, RWB has gourmet wine, gourmet cheese, and gourmet charcuterie which is something like meats or something. I dunno. I'm sticking with beer. Check it out sometime.

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  1. This place has great views and beautiful big rooms. My daughter celebrated her birthday at Boston restaurants and all our guests said that this is the most amazing event they've ever been too.