Maneki Neko Bento Box Lunch Special

We do a lot of talking about beer here and some people wonder if we ever eat food. Well on occasion we do add some solid items to our liquid diet, and we have some lunch in the Little City. I went down to Maneki Neko a popular Japanese spot with an intriguing Bento Box lunch special.

The Maneki Neko Bento Box will run you $10, and is available on Monday-Saturday from open to 2:30pm when the restaurant closes before dinner. A Bento Box is basically a box with different compartments giving you a variety of lunch foods in separate sections of the box.

For the main course of the meal, you get to pick one item from the sushi menu and one item from the kitchen.  Your choices are


  • 3 Piece Random Chef's Choice Nigiri Sushi (not sure if you can make requests here)
  • 3 Piece Random Chef's Choice Sashimi (ditto)
  • 6 Piece California Roll
  • 6 Piece Tuna Roll
  • 6 Piece Cucumber Roll
  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • Oyako/Katsu Don
  • Tonkatsu
  • Tempura
  • Noodles (Sansai, Tempura, Okinwa, Miso Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, Kyushu Ramen)

The meal starts off with a warm bowl of miso soup, and your main course comes with sticky white rice and a citrusy house salad (some lettuce, an orange slice, a piece of broccoli, citrusy dressing).

Note: There is also a "Super Lunch" for 13 bucks that includes 6 piece california roll, chicken teriyaki, and tempura.

I went with the 3 piece sushi and chicken teriyaki. My 3 rando sushi pieces (I believe) were Salmon (Sake), Yellowtail (Buri), and Tuna (Maguro). They may always go with that classic trio. I wouldn't be surprised if thats the sashimi combo as well.

Maneki Neko also has a dinner Bento Box, which is slightly different and well more expensive at $16. Also the beer is relatively expensive so I stick with a water.

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