Exploring Falls Church: Mama's Donut Bites At The Falls Church City Farmer's Market

Last Saturday as I was walking around the Falls Church Farmer's Market, I noticed a huge line. I had to go over and see what everyone was waiting for.  The market has all sorts of different items. Seafood, meat, hot sauce, coffee, bread, desserts, wine, and more.  But the coolest set up has to go to Mama's Donut Bites, which is where the line was formed.

I'm not really into farmers markets, but this spot makes it worth the visit.

Mama's is run by "Mama" and her son & daughter. They set up a cool conveyor belt contraption that fries dough into donuts in just minutes. When I was there the flavor was Apple Cider and they put some cinnamon sugar on top. I hear they sometimes rotate flavors with pumpkin, red velvet, chocolate, or blueberry. Afterwards you can add some more toppings to it including chocolate, white chocolate, carmel, and sprinkles.

For 3 bucks you get 6 of them, and that is enough for one person. They are very good, hot and fluffy, and very sweet. I couldn't eat all 6 in one sitting. It is 5 bucks for a dozen and 10 bucks for 26.

Mama's is at the Falls Church Farmer's Market every Saturday all year long (9am-Noon til April when the market opens at 8am through December). They also travel to different markets in the area as well as hock donuts out of a giant pink food truck that travels around NOVA.

Mama's Website

I would suggest you grab 3 bucks, head down to Falls Church City on Saturday morning, and grab some donuts. You won't regret it.

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