Lunch At Mad Fox Brewing: Specialty Pizza

We do a lot of talking about beer here and some people wonder if we ever eat food. Well on occasion we do add some solid items to our liquid diet, and we have some lunch in the Little City. I went down to Mad Fox Brewing to grab a beer and try one of their custom pizzas for lunch.

Mad Fox has a special lunch menu available from 11am-3pm. This menu features some pub favorites available in smaller portions for a cheaper price.  Appetizers, Soup & Salads, Pizzas, Hamburgers, Sandwiches, a few Entrees, and daily special menu items. (view the full menu here).

There are five 8" lunch custom pizzas (at dinner they are 10" and 14") on the menu ranging from $8-$10. My choice was called the Garlic Pig, a pizza with bacon, garlic, pepperoni and two types of cheese.

The pizza comes with a mini salad (garden greens) which is basically a small amount of lettuce with carrots and a small amount of balsamic vinegar dressing (I think). It actually is better if you put it on top of the pizza and eat them together.

The pizza is not very big (aka super small), and easy for one person to take down. The crust is a little thick and dominates the pizza. The toppings and cheese are good, but you'll be finishing them before you have any time to think about it.

In order to save some scrilla, I decided to "beat the system". Arrive at 2:55 to get the lunch pizza, and then order my drink at 3:00 when happy hour starts (and lunch pizza ends). So I washed my food down with a delicious cask Snowquester Winter Warmer (read about it here). Not a bad meal.

The pizza was $8.50 plus $0.80 tax plus a couple bucks for tip = approx $11.25

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