Kars 4 Kids Trolls Us All With Reggae

1-877-Kars-4-Kids, K-A-R-S Kars 4 Kids....

If you live in the DMV (that's DC, Maryland, Virginia if you don't know), you have most likely been sitting at work humming this catchy tune in your head. That catchy tune is the jingle for Kars 4 Kids, a charity to help Jewish children in need. The song is for a good cause, but it most likely drives you crazy as it trolls your brain when you are looking for some inner peace. Well now it is time for me to troll your brain.

I tweeted about my dislike for the Kars 4 Kids jingle the other day, and they sent me a quick reply with a link. A link...FROM HELL.

Apparently, the version you hear on the radio (and the rock version also on the radio) aren't the only ones. They have...brace yourself...a Reggae version, a Bluegrass version, and even a version with a Boston accent because they want to destroy you.




If you haven't jumped off a cliff and you want to download these other versions or hear the original (you don't...but you do), check out their jingle page and then send all your complaints to @FCLittleCity when you are singing it out loud all week for no reason.  The Boston one ... just ... I ... can't...

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