Green Flash Brewing Company West Coast IPA

Green Flash Brewing Company has one of the best IPA's around. This delicious West Coast Style IPA has perfect or near perfect ratings all over the internet. It is also one of my favorites. I had this on draft during my Snow Adventure at Dogwood Tavern. Here is everything you need to know about this IPA and where you can get it in Falls Church.


Green Flash West Coast IPA

Brewery: Green Flash Brewing Company
Location: San Diego, CA
Distance From FC: 2,675 Miles
Style: American IPA
Other That Style: Bells Two Hearted, Dogfish 60 Minute
ABV: 7.3%
IBU: 95
Beer Advocate Score: 94
Beer Advocate Pro Score: 100
Rate Beer Score: 99
Legend's Score: 4/5
Brewer's Description: A menagerie of hops is layered throughout the brewing process: Simcoe for unique fruitiness and grapefruit zest, Columbus for strong hop pungency, Centennial for pine and citrus notes and Cascade for floral aroma. A multi-dimensional hop experience. (via Green Flash)


How about that. A 100 rating by the experts at Beer Advocate and a 99 by the other big online rating website Rate Beer. These west coast IPAs are really hoppy, which I like a lot.

Where to get it in Falls Church:

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