Exploring Happy Hour: Famous Daves

After searching all over the internet and finding no information whatsoever, I decided to head into Famous Daves and see if they had a bar, a happy hour, or both. I was somewhat surprised to find out that not only did they have both, but they had "not too terrible" happy hour specials.

The bar at Famous Daves is not really much of a bar. It is about 8 barstools and a tiny little bar. There weren't even any tables in the bar area, which was more of a hallway. However, they sold beer at a discount, offered food, and had 1 TV which meant it was bar enough for me.

I took a seat and checked out the Happy Hour specials (Monday-Friday, 3pm-7pm, bar area only).  Domestic beers, Miller Lt & Bud Lt, were just $2.50, but the good special took place on the "craft" beer front. For $3.50 you can get Fat Tire, Sam Adams Seasonal, and Sierra Nevada. Also included in this price range are Bass, Yuengling, and Blue Moon.

The drink specials were pretty good, but what good is a beer at a counter-bar (non "hangout" bar) without some snacks. Famous Daves delivered. During happy hour they have items for $3 (onion straws with dip), $4 (wings, chili nachos, chili cheese fries), and $5 (rib tip basket with chips).

I ordered the rib tips, which were delicious. You get 4 of em which is nice, but they are really fatty and not a lot of food. The chips included with it are the main filling part, and they are pretty good home baked bbq chips. It comes with some pickles, onions, and barbecue sauce for dipping. It was a damn good snack.

While the drinks were cheap and the food was good, I didn't want to stick around for long. The place was a ghost town and the bar was like I said before, more like a lunch counter. Its a great place to start out a happy hour bar crawl though, and to get some food in your system with a delicious beer for under $10.

Famous Daves
370 W Broad St
Falls Church, VA
(703) 533-3418

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