Wednesday Night Trivia, Wings, Nachos, & Pitchers At Clare & Dons

Wednesday night's at Clare & Don's is Trivia Night. Two hours of questions, wing & nachos specials, and a great pitcher special highlight this fun night out in Falls Church. Trivia and the specials start at 8:30pm every Wednesday night, and here's what you can get:

Let's start with the specials. Starting at 8:30pm and lasting just 30 minutes, you can get a pitcher of Fat Tire for just $10. It isn't one of those dainty pitchers either, it was 60 ounces and about 5 pours of beer. That's a pretty awesome deal and reason enough to go out on a Wednesday night. During regular hours single drafts of Fat Tire are $5, so this deal is basically $4 off per beer.

The beer isn't the only thing for cheap, their wings are just 50 cents each after 8:30pm. They call them their "money wings" and they really were money. I was pleasantly surprised. The key is that they grill them and they are sort of crispy and just plain delicious. You can pick from mango, bbq, jerk, buffalo, and teryiaki and they came out with celery and blue cheese.

I went with 8 teriyaki (bartendress said you could order any amount) and like I said they were good. With the pricing that means that the 8 wings (I got 9...shhhhh) were $4.  That is $2 off the regular pricing for 8 wings.

The nachos are also half price after 8:30pm ($3.25). They are chips smothered with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and chili (veggie or beef) or refried beans. Sounds good to me.

I guess I should probably mention the trivia, although after the beer and wings this is sort of background entertainment (not really).

The trivia is run by Play Team Trivia and begins a few minutes after 8:30pm.  Basically you form teams of any number, grab an answer pad, and turn in your answers to 20 questions (with wager) one at a time (with a song in between each question as your time limit) until the final round at around 10:15pm. It is complicated to explain how each round works, so I'm not going to try, but it was fun.

Unfortunately there is nobody monitoring cell phone usage and the girl just hangs out in the front. I didn't trust that the people on the back patio were not cheating. The winners didn't cheat, but some teams def were.  She also added up scores very wrong and I got bonus points for a funny answer. Hey, I'm a picky trivia nerd, sue me.

My favorite trivia spots are where they have a variety of formats (pictures, songs, matching rounds, etc.) and where they monitor team's cheating better, but this was def a solid 2 hours of fun and a neat format with the wagering. Plus you can't beat the specials, so I'll be back.

As soon as trivia ends the restaurant starts to close up, so you will have to continue the party elsewhere.

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