Natty Boh's For $1 At Pizzeria Orso

If you've ever been to Baltimore, specifically an Orioles or Ravens game, you have most likely seen shirts with the one eyed mustachioed character that graces the can of the iconic Baltimore beer Natural Bohemian aka Natty Boh. Well now you can see this little guy staring at you right from your seat at Pizzeria Orso in Falls Church.

Pizzeria Orso offers cans of this Baltimore staple for just $1 during Happy Hour (Tuesday-Friday, 4pm-7pm) (regular price $2.50) and it is one heck of a deal. Nowhere else in the surrounding area can you get a beer for that price.

Out in Fairfax (Buffalo Wing University) and Chantilly (Backyard Grill), Thursday nights are $1 beer nights til 9pm, but out here in the Fizzy Chizzy you can't find a beer cheaper than $2.50 during happy hour (Clare & Don's Miller Lite Drafts). Well thank goodness for Pizzeria Orso.

So what's the deal with Natty Boh? Why would I want to drink that?

Well it isn't the most delicious beer in the world...but it does the trick. If you are picky about drinking low-end watered down American beer, then you are going to want to stay away. But if you aren't, and all you have is a few pennies to your name, then this is a great beer to enjoy.

The special isn't the only reason to go to Pizzeria Orso. This is one of the best places in all of Northern Virginia. Everyone is nice. Bartenders, chef, patrons. It's a great place to sit at the bar and enjoy a few beers with all the people waiting for tables. You'll have a never-ending supply of conversation partners.

And guess what, if you get there and find Happy Hour has come to an end, it's only $2.50 for your next Boh.

Orso doesn't just have specials on cheap beer. They have $3 Yuenglings and $6.50 craft beer drafts as well as other drink and food Happy Hour specials.

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