Three Brothers Brewing Company Hoptimization IPA

Three Brother's Hoptimization is an American IPA brewed down in JMU territory, Harrisonburg, Virginia by Three Brother's Brewing Company.  I had it at Ireland's Four Provinces which is currently featuring this beer on their rotating IPA tap for a limited time.They didn't have this beer down at JMU a million years ago when I was a student, but this upstart brewery has made its way up to where I am now. Here's where you can get it in Falls Church and for how much.


Three Brothers Hoptimization IPA

Brewery: Three Brothers Brewing Company
Location: Harrisonburg, VA
Distance From FC: 120 Miles
Style: American IPA
Other That Style: Bells Two Hearted, Dogfish Head 60 Minute
ABV: 7.1%
IBU: 71
Beer Advocate Score: 82
Rate Beer Score: 43
Legend's Score: 3.5/5
Brewer's Description: What’s a craft brewery to do when all the “typical” IPA hops are gone? Innovate of course, just like craft breweries always have. Hoptimization uses big, bold, bitter hops to get a clean citrusy flavor you’ll love and the bitter bite that you crave. Step away from typical and try something new. (via Three Brothers)


I wish they had Three Brothers when I was attending the great James Madison University. This beer is not very hoppy and goes down easy so you can enjoy a few at a time. I'm big into hops, but if you like less hoppy IPA's with some kick, this is your brew.

Where to get it in Falls Church:

  • Ireland's Four Provinces - Limited Time on Rotating IPA Tap
    • $4.00 Happy Hour Price (Monday-Friday, 3:30pm-7pm)
    • $5.00 Regular Price

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