Happy Hour Legendary Combo's & Beer Pairings: Hoang's Sushi & Beer

How would you like to go out for a weekday happy hour, get both a great food item and a craft beer, and only bring $15 cash with you? That is the premise of our Legendary Combos, and we will be showcasing these under $15 Happy Hour deals for each restaurant in the Little City. We not only show you the low prices, but we find a perfect food & beer pairing.  And we make sure to INCLUDE that pesky tax and tip that people's brains often avoid when looking at specials.

 (Note: these prices & specials can change any time, and we have nothing to do with them, we just find them.)

Our first Legendary Combo is a Japanese sushi & beer combo found at Hoang's Grill & Sushi Bar, and you can get this special deal EVERY DAY from 4pm-7pm in the bar area:

6 Pieces of Nigiri Sushi paired with a 16oz Widmer Hefeweizen on draft for $13.50.

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The Food:

Nigiri Sushi is the kind where the raw fish is set atop rice, so it is not a roll. During Happy Hour these run for just $1.25 per piece and your choices include salmon, red snapper, white tuna, mackerel, octopus, tuna maguro, shrimp, squid, conch, crab, & egg. I suggest you pick 6 different ones so you know what you like next time.

And don't be scared by the price. The sushi was the same sushi you get if you order at non happy hour. It is 500x better than those sushi all you can eat buffets. It was delicious.  They also have other great food specials.

The Beer:

Widmer Hefeweizen is an American pale wheat ale with a 4.9% abv. The Beer Advocate expert score is an 80, or "Good". I enjoy this beer a lot. Hefeweizen's pair good with sushi, so this is a good choice.While it is a craft beer, know that Anheuser-Busch owns about 1/3 of the company, and they make it widely available.

The other 2 beers on tap are Longhammer IPA and Kirin Ichiban, also just $2.75 each. They also have specials on mixed drinks and sake too.

The Place:

Hoang's Grill & Sushi Bar is a chill Vietnamese dining spot slash sushi bar with great service. The bar section is not very large, with about 8 bar stools and 3 bar area high top tables.  It is sort of like part bar / part sushi bar as there is a nice TV with sports on behind the bar, bartenders, and one sushi chef.

It isn't a great place to go to happy hour with a group, but it is perfect for 2 people that want to have a quick snack and talk. Sushi orders can take a while when they are crowded, so come here to just relax.

The Verdict:

This is one of my favorite deals in the area. While 6 pieces of sushi is not a lot of food to eat, it isn't a bad quick snack before heading home from work for dinner. Good sushi, good beer, good atmosphere, under $15.

How we calculate our tip:  First, since this is not a coupon, we calculate the tip based on the Happy Hour price, not the regular price. Second, we tip on the total after tax, not before tax. Third, we round up to the nearest 50 cents. We would encourage you to tip as much as you can, but if you are broke like us, give a generous tip that makes sense.

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