Flippin' Pizza Happy Hour Revisited

When I first started my explorations I checked out Flippin' Pizza, my new favorite spot not just in Falls Church, but in all of Northern Virginia for a slice. Well I went back to check out the happy hour and it is basically the cheapest beer you can get for miles around. Check at how cheap the pricing is:

Happy Hour is EVERY DAY from 3:30pm-7:30pm. At that time you can get a bottle of beer for $2. Here's the kick. You can get any beer they have. These are your choices:

Blue Moon
Sam Adams

Not a bad $2 happy hour.

Now the guy at the counter was encouraging me to get a beer, even stating that they had more in the back, but advised me that there was a limit, and it wasn't a party. LOL. I've been there twice and I like all the dudes that work there, they are a trip.

Aside from Happy Hour, at all times they have a $6 special where you get 2 slices of ANY pizza they have (Cheese, Pepperoni, Whitestone, BBQ Chicken, and more) and a fountain soda. For 2 bucks more you can replace that soda with a beer.  You can also get a single slice and a soda for $3.30.

You can even get those pizza specials for slices to go (not with the beer though)

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