Exploring Happy Hour Part II: Spacebar

No, this next place is not a computer keyboard button. Well it is, and it isn't. What?  Yeah that's the kind of thing that happens to your mind when you go to this divey/hipstery bar towards the less busy end of Broad.  I stumbled in and was like..woah.

The crowd at Spacebar (of course located next to a record store in 2014) is that diner crowd that you find smoking outside in between 10 cups of coffee at Denny's at 4am. I've been a part of that crowd before (not the smoking part) and despite typically liking bars with 100 TVs packed with sports I work well with this type of bar.

The bar is dark and small. The place has one TV which was tuned to a muted black & white Clark Gable movie on Turner Classic Movies.  There are several tiny booths against one wall and a long bar with lots of bar stools. It ain't your typical douche bar.

Do you like beer selection? Then you will like this place. How does 24 taps with microbrews, many local sound? If you aren't into delicious draft beer maybe have one of their 10+ other beers available in can/bottle form.

The kegs are in steel refrigerators with plain black taps and magnets holding up printouts of beer names...interesting.

Do you like grilled cheese? Then this is heaven. The bartender just cooks you up one of a billion varieties of grilled cheese sandwiches right on the grill behind the bar (like a diner...hmmm).  My swiss & bacon grilled cheese on rye was soooo good. Like sooo good.  Perfect for drinking situations.

The place also has tater tots, which for some reason people seem to love (fries are so much better). Nothing special, just your classic frozen tots, but again, prolly good when you are sippin on da sizzurp...or drinking.

Other than that, there isn't much else. Grilled Cheese & Craft Beer. The steep prices of the beer most likely keep a lot of people away, and the Mad Fox Brewery's popularity diverts the beer snobs as well.  There isn't really a happy hour either, so people flock to every other place in town that does have one.

It is definitely cool to check out if you are in the Chizzy (Falls Church) at least for a sandwich and a beer (which cost me $18 plus tip).  You can even get a single pint to go in a mason jar, which is bizarre, but I guess cool...ish. No growlers though.

NEXT!  Part 3: Hoang's Sushi

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