Exploring Happy Hour: Applebees

Chances are that at some point in your life, you have been to an Applebees. I mean there are almost 2,000 of them out there. It is your basic chain restaurant with a bar and dinner seating. But with the several cool and unique places to go in Falls Church, Applebees often gets neglected. I decided to show them some love and stop in to see what is up.

The Applebees on Broad Street was...an Applebees.

Happy Hour is all day (or in other words, doesn't exist). They had the same 6 beers on tap that you can get anywhere, nothing unique. "Specials" were $3 ( 20oz bud light/miller lite, 16oz Long Island Iced Teas, red apple sangria, maybe some others), $4 (house margaritas). That was basically it. The Long Island's are good.

Applebees has some good all the time food specials like 2 for $20 (2 entrees and 1 appetizer). However during Happy Hour they don't have any food specials. Instead they do half price appetizers every day after 9pm instead. If you are looking for late night bar food for cheap, you may want to stop in here as other places are much more expensive at night.

This location also has Ladies Night on Wednesdays which features no specials on lo-calorie drinks and probably some old timers drinking Bud Lights.

So yeah, I went to Applebees, deal with it.

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