Exploring Happy Hour 2 Part IV: Chasin' Tails

My final stop on the tour was Chasin' Tails which is not technically in Falls Church, but it is basically right across the street from my house. When I moved in I thought I'd probably spend some time there but on Friday night when I walked in and got my beer, I knew I'd spend time there. I mean, where else do you scream when the bartender hands you a beer? Why did I scream?

Maybe because my beer was the size of a bowling ball (see below). "What time do you close?" I jokingly asked the bartender (sitcom laughter)

The beer I ordered was a Magic Hat #9, my other choices being Stella, Miller Lite, Sam Adams, and Blue Moon.  And you'll never guess how much it cost... ... ... done guessing? It was $6.  34 ounces of beer for $6. (plus 60 cents tax) Yes please! (sitcom laughter) - I cringe.

That $6 was the Happy Hour special which runs from 5pm-7pm (not sure if it is on weekends too). Some of the beers (I think this one was supposed to be) are $7. Regular price on that big mug is $8 or $9.

Don't worry, you can also get a regular pour on special too.  Either way, dat ish cray...or should I say dat fish cray...

Food was not a part of Happy Hour, and I figured out the reason the beers are so big. Once you have one in your hand you know you will be there for a while. And with the smell of all the food around you, you will get hungry. I almost caved. Almost.

Chasin' Tails also has some special beachy $9-$12 cocktails in beachy glassware, giant fish bowls, and take-home-able yard (vegas style) glasses which for some reason, despite my huge muscles, is right up my alley.

The pricing on the menu is what I expected from a seafood joint. I didn't have the funding to eat. But I hear they also have a great special on Monday-Thursday where you get their Bayou N' A Bag special (1 lb crawfish, 1 lb mussels, 1 lbclams, 1/2 lb shrimp, 1/2 lb crab legs, 2 corn, 2 potatoes, & 1/4 lb sausage), basically a seafood sample, for $50. It sounds like it is for 2...but I want it all for me. Plus it comes in a bag...

The people next to me were crayfish aficionados and were disappointed that their favorite crawfish type was not available because it wasn't yet in season. I hope to one day be like them and I hope to learn about crayfish...or crawfish...um...whatevs I'll stick to eating them.

The restaurant was pretty crowded and the small bar (12 or so stools) was pretty full as well. Because the beer was so enormous, I found myself still at the bar with plenty to go when the Wizards and Caps games started. The bartender had no problem putting both games on for me. Man I love this place...and I can WALK! Wooo-ha!

Once I finished my drink I walked back home...another successful Friday Happy Hour Exploration.

Restaurant Info: 2200 N Westmoreland St #103, Arlington, VA 22213 - (703) 538-2565

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