Exploring The City: Mike's Deli Revisited (Breakfast)

A few weeks ago I went down to Mike's Deli just to check the place out. I only ordered a bagel (not what they are known for) despite the fact that the menu had lots of good choices on there. So I had to go back and actually get something of note. Here's what their breakfast is all about.

It was a Saturday morning and the restaurant was pretty packed. There wasn't a line or a wait, but every single table was taken. The place doesn't have too many seats, maybe 20 or less.

The breakfast menu had much more than you would think; Breakfast sandwiches & wraps, Omelets, pancakes, french toast, corned beef hash, and of course bacon/sausage/ham. The prices are very reasonable.  My steak, egg, & cheese sandwich. (I'll go back for lunch soon) was just $4.50. Nothing there was over 8 bucks.

The cool thing about their breakfast sandwiches is that you can pick the bread (white, wheat, rye, pumpernikle, wraps, sub roll, bagel) and you can probably also pick the cheese (american, cheddar, muenster, provolone, swiss, pepperjack, vegan).

The other great thing about my sandwich was that unlike typical fast food breakfast/bagel joints, this sandwich did not get egg crazy. The egg was not the main part of the sandwich, the steak was. The egg was there in the perfect amount for my taste, which is not a lot of it. That makes this my new favorite breakfast place.

Eating my food on an arcade game was pretty neat as well. Where else can you do that?

Their menu used to be listed online, but I think they are changing it up, so right now it isn't there.

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