Exploring The City: The Library Incident

The library...do people actually go there. Isn't everything online? Do books even still exist?

Ummm. Yes people go there. I go there. A lot. So I was happy when I drove through Falls Church and saw green signs pointing me in the direction of the Mary Riley Styles Public Library. What started out as a simple exploration turned into me wanting to punch someone in the face. No, seriously...

The library is located one block off of W. Broad Street (on Park ave) behind the Famous Dave's. It is very small.  I come from large and fairly new Fairfax County Libraries and the Falls Church one is small and old.  That being said, it gets the job done.  (what is "the job?")

The worst thing about libraries often are the people inside them. I frequent libraries a lot (as I work from home, I like to get out of my home office sometimes). You should follow me on Twitter just for the live updates.

Typically people answer cell phones, even in the quiet study section, and don't even whisper. They treat it like it is their own personal office and there aren't 10 other people looking for quiet.  Children running around, sick people coughing and making horrible noises, homeless people snoring, and the sketchiest characters you will ever see outside of a jail cell. The Falls Church library was not much different.

Since I had my work bag with me I decided to find a study cubicle and get some work done. There were only 4 of them...so I got lucky claiming one (although this tiny library doesn't get too crowded).

I worked for 3 minutes before I heard the terrifying slurping sounds coming from my neighbor to my right. She was apparently trying to eat her fingers or something of the sort. Really?  I turned up my headphones to the point where you could hear them at the front desk of the library, yet the awful chewing sounds continued. After another minute I had to get up and leave. The usual stuff wasn't working...

Aside from the few crazy people and the several rude people, who you will find at ALL libraries, I enjoyed working from there. The building is cozy and it has books, which is nice. There is a lower level that I did not explore and they have a lot of events for children. Plus you can get a library card if you live just about anywhere in Virginia.

Ug...I still hear the sucking noises every time I close my eyes...

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