Exploring The City: Falls Church Smashburger

Smashburger has been one of my favorite restaurants after one opened up in Fairfax near my office, and over the past 4 months I've eaten there at least 10 times. So I was fairly excited to hear that there was one opening up just a mile from my house in Falls Church City (308 South Washington Street) next to Meat In A Box. I went down there to check it out and see if it was as good as usual.

This new location was just as good as the others I've been to. It was a bit tricky and dangerous to pull into the parking lot if you take the first entrance. The place was packed with employees most likely training while they figure out how to run the place smoothly. Despite the short amount of time open the service wasn't bad.

In case you have never been to Smashburger, it is your typical new burger joint. It is not extremely expensive, most items going for $6 with them racking up the dough on fries and sodas which can put you over $10 if you choose them.

The small basic cheeseburger (1/3 lb) is $5 and the 7 small (1/3 lb) specialty burgers are $6. Add $1 for chicken or $1 for a veggie burger (ew) or $1 to make it a large (1/2 lb) burger. They also have 6 premium toppings for $1 each (extra cheese, mushrooms, bacon, guacamole, egg, and avocado).

You can also choose your bun from 4 types: classic egg, multigrain, spicy chipotle, and brioche, and your cheese (swiss, cheddar, pepperjack, american, blue). You can also choose a lettuce bun if you are a weirdo (j/k).

The free toppings aren't as good as Five Guys. They include sauces (smash sauce, spicy chipotle, BBQ, ranch, yellow mustard, ketchup, mayo) and feeexins (lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onions, grilled onions, fresh jalapenos)

If the menu doesn't appeal to you don't worry, you can create your own burger starting with the $5 cheeseburger. This is what I do all the time. Here's my egg burger with swiss which was $6.

If you don't mind dropping the extra cash (I like to get the burger to go and eat it with chips and a coke from home) sides ($2-$3) include three versions of french fries (regular, Smashfries garlic fries, and sweet potato fries), veggie frites, garden salad, or onion straws.

They have some entree salads as well which I am going to ignore.

I've never tried the desserts ($4.25), milkshakes (Oreo, Nutter-butter, Butterfinger, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry) or the IBC Root Beer float which sounds really good.

They even have beer and for $3 you can get a domestic bottle (Mich Ultra, Bud, Stella) or a craft bottle (they had 2 from Devil's Backbone in VA, their Vienna Lager and their 8-Point IPA) for $3.50 which are both delicious.

Restaurant info:
308 South Washington Street
Falls Church, VA 22046
(703) 962-7015

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