Exploring Broad Street: Mike's Deli At Lazy Sundae

I woke up way too early on Sunday morning and decided I wanted to get some breakfast. Unlike everyone else in the world, breakfast is not my favorite meal. In fact, I hate that I can't get a hamburger anywhere (like McDonalds) until after 10:30am. I want my 8am hamburgers!

Since hamburgers were not in my future I decided to check out Mike's Deli, which I heard was the place to go for delicious cheap sandwiches. And somehow, I screwed up.

Mike's is not actually located directly on Broad Street. It is on West Street just a stone's throw away. Attached to a 7-11, there are only a few parking spaces, but I had no problem on this freezing cold morning.

The interior of the place is not very exciting. There are a bunch of cafeteria tables if you decide to eat there. They store all their sodas and drinks in the restaurant area and there are boxes everywhere...not a problem, just an observation. Mike's also had a Simpson's pinball machine and a sit down arcade, possibly 2-player Donkey Kong or Pacman. I wonder if they work.

Mike's menu looked pretty good, and affordable. Breakfast sandwiches (served all day) ranged from $4.50-$7.50. That didn't stop me from going cheaper. I ordered a bagel with cream cheese. Let's just say this is NOT a bagel place and move on knowing never to order a bagel.

The rest of the menu looked good with a large variety of burgers and sandwiches mostly between $5 and $7. After the great bagel incident (lol I'm not telling) I'm going to have to get back in there and get some lunch.

Oh, and I hear they have lots of great in house made ice cream. I can not wait for the summer, I think this is going to be my goto.

112 N West St, Falls Church, VA 22046 - (703) 532-5299

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