Exploring Broad Street: Flippin' Pizza

After my first big night out in Falls Church and sleeping in until around noon, I woke up quite hungry (and with a huge headache). I decided to just get in the car and drive like Ryan Gosling. That is when I stumbled across a sidewalk sign inviting me into Flippin' Pizza for an unbelievable food special.

This magical sandwich board read, "two slices of pizza and a drink for $6" You had me at...well I guess you didn't have me til $6.

I walked up to the counter and took a look into the pizza window. On display were about 8 different kinds of pizzas. From classic Cheese to Pepperoni to Barbecue Chicken to Brooklyn Style.  And I was shocked to find out that the $6 special included any 2 slices you wanted. It also included a fountain soda with unlimited refills if you stick around.  Plus, this was not a special special, it was an all day every day special, otherwise known as regular price.

The place is more of a carry out / cafeteria with only a few tables and seats but it was packed nonetheless. There is no kitchen and the guys flip the pizza right in front of your very eyes.

Pizza wasn't the only item they had. They had some good looking Pepperoni bites that I really wanted, but my hungover body wouldn't let me enjoy. They also have Calzones and salads.

According to signs the place has a Happy Hour from 3:30pm - 7:30pm every single day where beers are just $2. Unfortunately I didn't ask which beers are included in the special, and in fact I couldn't even see what beers they had because they were buried in ice at the counter.

Lol. I got so excited about the place that I didn't even mention the pizza!  The pizza was pretty good. I'm gonna need some more before I get too crazy about reviewing it.  However the one thing you will notice is that it is very similar to New York Pizza. In fact, living in Northern Virginia for the past 20 years I've never had a slice this close.

The crust is thin, and when they throw your slice back in the oven it comes out so crispy. My favorite.  I'll have to order a whole pie sometimes and see how it compares. Reheating pizza to make the crust crispy is my jam...and my jelly.

Overall I was extremely impressed and I couldn't believe I'd wasted all these years walking right past Flippin' Pizzas all over.  I can't wait to go back and grab a slice and a beer.

Restaurant Info:
800 W Broad St #103, Falls Church, VA 22046 - (703) 752-8672

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