Argia's Adds All Day Fireball Special And Local Craft Beers On Tap

I'm not that into Fireball. Or am I?

This Friday I went back to one of my favorite happy hour spots from my original explorations, Argia's, and was surprised to see that they had improved on their already decent happy hour specials. How did they do that? They added new local craft beers and a variety of shots to the specials menu...And the best part of course was the new ALL DAY special...Fireball...for cheap. How cheap? Very...

You can now get yourself a shot of Fireball at the bar ALL DAY for ... $3

"Errrmerrgehrd Lerrrrts derrrrr Fireeeeballl" -Unknown Blonde 

Here's the thing. Argia's is a nice, semi-fancy Italian restaurant, not the basement of a fraternity house. It's calm and quiet, the bartenders are nice, and they have free breadsticks and olives on the table. So don't think you are going to show up, pound 5 shots, and then puke in their bathroom. But nonetheless, I think it may be possible to enjoy some fireball and not act like an a-hole.

This special changes the Falls Church game, which at the moment is non-existent. How can you not start your night out on the town here at Happy Hour (Monday-Friday, 4pm-7pm, bar area only) with:
  • A Beer ($3 - Stella & Bud Light drafts)
  • A Shot ($3 - Fireball & Red Stag)  or ($4 - Jameson, Tito's, Cuervo Silver)
  • An Appetizer ($5 - fried calamari, meatball sliders, mussels argia, avancine, fried cheese ravioli). 
  • Bar Snacks (Complimentary (hard) breadsticks and olives)
That's a great $11 combo and 30 minute warm-up. Plus it is quiet enough where you can have a conversation and not feel like you are at a dive bar.

Other new additions are several different local/regional craft beers on tap which are $5 during Happy Hour.
  • Devil's Backbone Vienna Lager (Wintergreen)
  • Starr Hill Northern Lights IPA (Charlottesville)
  • Legend Brown Ale (Richmond)
  • Tupper's Hop Pocket (Hampton now?)
  • Dominion Oak Barrel Stout (Dover, DE)
  • Hoegaarden (Belgium, Europe lol)
That is a pretty awesome collection. (Note, Peroni & Sierra Nevada replaced Tuppers and Hoegaarden as of Jan 29th)

And they didn't get rid of their other Happy Hour specials either. House wine (red or white) is still $5 a glass, Rail Drinks are still $4, and they still offer $1 off their extensive martini list (11 specialty martinis).

So it is safe to say I'll be returning to Argia's very soon...

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