3D Printers At The Falls Church Library

The Eagle Scouts are working on raising money in order to get a 3-D laser printer into the Mary Riley Styles Library. They had several printers in house at the library on Saturday morning showing off what these printers can do for a 1 day open house. So what can these printers do?

Well...um...they can make...stuff

There was a pretty large crowd at the library checking out the printers. Everyone was amazed.

If you have never seen one of these printers, they basically take a spool of some kind of plastic material and with the help of a computer design program they melt the spool into different shapes. It is pretty cool, like you are creating objects from nothing.

Some practical uses for the "replicator" (from PC Magazine) include being able to "print out" iPhone cases, guitar pics, light switch covers, and small supply/phone holders, could be interesting in 10 years.

The real ones cost around $2,000 but I even saw online there are "desktop" versions. The goal is to get one of these printers into the library by mid February.

More info from the Falls Church Government Page

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